Monthly Archives: March 2017

New Product: Triplex Bulk Dispensing Hopper

Triplex Systems, Inc. is introducing a new product for bulk material handling of dry raw materials such as: sands, abrasive media, ceramic investment material or materials that you would like to dispense easily by gravity. The hopper has the capacity to hold 1 ton Gaylord style bulk bags of raw material. The hopper comes complete […]

Precision Cleaning with Minimal Silica Dust

Triplex Systems, Inc., has been helping Investment Casting Foundries for the past 27 years reducing respirable silica dust in the post cast, finishing departments. By using Triplex Systems, Inc.,  “Precision  Cleaning” High Pressure Waterjet Casting this is One of the many benefits of Triplex Systems Casting Cleaning Technology. According to Wisconsin Precision Casting Corp, the […]