World Conference and Equipment Expo – Investment Casting

Triplex Systems, Inc. has produced several new models of High Pressure Waterjet Casting Cleaning Centers that now provide complete coverage from the smallest medical device and jewelry cleaning centers to the largest casting cleaning centers for aerospace and IGT investment cast components.

Meeting the challenges of complex equipment start-ups, during the COVID 19 Pandemic

ABI-Showatech, India Remote Start-Up Triplex Systems, Inc. Model TRX-1250CAMCombination Automatic & Manual High PressureWaterjet Casting Cleaning Center. First High Pressure Waterjet Cleaning Trial, performed during the remote equipment commissioning: Two minute automatic cleaning cycle, operating pressure 20,000 PSI, 100% clean. Photo courtesy of ABI-Showatech, India Triplex Systems, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of High Pressure Waterjet Casting Cleaning […]

The TRX-1250CAM Combination Automatic and Manual Cleaning Center

See The TRX-1250CAM in Action The combined automatic and manual cleaning operation of the TRX-1250CAM allows for efficiency and maximum control for your investment casting cleaning needs. Watch as it efficiently removes virtually all of the shell in two stages: an automatic routine followed by a manual cleaning cycle.   If you’d like to learn […]

Silica Dust Exposure Reduction: Incast Article

silica dust reduction graph

Triplex Systems, Inc. is the leader in high pressure waterjet casting removal systems and are innovators of the shell removal process. In a prior post, we studied and documented how our systems improve plant safety by reducing workers’ exposure to silica dust. We’ve recently been invited to write an article for Incast magazine, a renowned […]

Waterjet Casting Cleaning Basics 1.0

NPT style sapphire nozzle

The Waterjet Cleaning Nozzle In waterjet casting cleaning, the customer relies on getting high pressure water to the investment casting surface to be cleaned. The little nozzle on the end of your cleaning lance is where the pressure is generated. The type of orifice and the size of the orifice in the nozzle determine the […]

Steel and Aluminum Waterjet Casting Cleaning Demos

Precision Cleaning Demos If you’ve ever wondered how precise our waterjet casting cleaning process is or about the investment casting removal process in general, take a look at our demo video. Our machines have manual or automatic capabilities to ensure efficiency and control when removing investment, with average cycle times of 3.5-5 minutes. Our video […]

The Investment Casting Institute 64th Technical Conference and Expo 2017

Visit Triplex Systems, Inc. at the Expo! The Investment Casting Institute 64th Technical Conference and Expo 2017 Oct 15 – 18, 2017 Northern Kentucky Convention Center, Covington, KY Triplex Systems Booth # 400 Triplex Systems, Inc. is a proud member of the Investment Casting Institute. If you currently are not a member of the Investment Casting Institute, […]

Wisconsin Precision Casting, Inc. Chooses Waterblast Casting Cleaning Method

Automation Solidifies Waterblast as a Competitive Investment Casting Cleaning Method Some companies choose mechanical knockout, caustic cleaning, sand blast, or shot blast methods for cleaning investment casting. While the use of caustic chemicals or brute force to clean and remove investment immediately prompts concerns about safety and waste, the use of waterblast technology instantly makes sense. […]

New Product: Triplex Bulk Dispensing Hopper

Triplex Systems, Inc. is introducing a new product for bulk material handling of dry raw materials such as: sands, abrasive media, ceramic investment material or materials that you would like to dispense easily by gravity. The hopper has the capacity to hold 1 ton Gaylord style bulk bags of raw material. The hopper comes complete […]

Precision Cleaning with Minimal Silica Dust

Triplex Systems, Inc., has been helping Investment Casting Foundries for the past 27 years reducing respirable silica dust in the post cast, finishing departments. By using Triplex Systems, Inc.,  “Precision  Cleaning” High Pressure Waterjet Casting this is One of the many benefits of Triplex Systems Casting Cleaning Technology. According to Wisconsin Precision Casting Corp, the […]