Precision Cleaning with Minimal Silica Dust


Triplex Systems, Inc., has been helping Investment Casting Foundries for the past 27 years reducing respirable silica dust in the post cast, finishing departments. By using Triplex Systems, Inc., “Precision Cleaning” High Pressure Waterjet Casting this is One of the many benefits of Triplex Systems Casting Cleaning Technology. According to Wisconsin Precision Casting Corp, the 8-hour weighted average (TWA) for traditional knockout casting removal methods generates 0.052 mg/m3 of respirable cristobalite silica dust, while Triplex’s patented precision cleaning methods only generate 0.018 mg/m3 of respirable cristobalite silica dust, far below OSHA’s action level (0.025 mg/m3) and PEL limit (0.050 mg/m3).

The Many Benefits:

  • Removes up to 90-100% of Investment.
  • No damage to metal surfaces.
  • No stress cracking.
  • No damage to delicate edges.
  • Eliminates “Traditional” Mechanical Knock-Out.
  • Eliminates Shot blasting for shell removal.
  • Eliminates sand blasting for shell removal.
  • Reduces or eliminates respirable silica dust.
  • Reduces or eliminates chemical leaching.
  • Reduces operator fatigue and body stress.
  • Can be used on all cast metallurgies.

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