Silica Dust Exposure Reduction: Incast Article

silica dust reduction graph

Triplex Systems, Inc. is the leader in high pressure waterjet casting removal systems and are innovators of the shell removal process. In a prior post, we studied and documented how our systems improve plant safety by reducing workers’ exposure to silica dust. We’ve recently been invited to write an article for Incast magazine, a renowned trade publication focused on foundries and similar operations.

In the article, Triplex Systems’ Shane Schilling, Operations Director and Joseph Tebbe, President elaborate on how machines like the TRX-1250CAM and TRX-4000 HERCULES significantly improve plant safety by mitigating silica dust exposure for workers. In fact, Triplex’s cleaning centers reduce respirable cristobalite silica to levels far below traditional knockout levels and even below OSHA’s action level.

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