World Class Precision Casting Cleaning Centers® and Abrasive Cut-Off Technologies

Your Finishing Department Solutions

As the industry leaders. for High Pressure Waterjet Casting Cleaning Centers and Cut-off machines. We offer your finishing department solutions.

Promoting Industry Efficiency

Triplex Systems, Inc., has designed investment casting cleaning centers, from the smallest cleaning centers for jewelry manufacturers to the largest investment casting cleaning center in the world for large titanium jet engine castings.

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    Productivity, Safety, Ergonomics, and Environment

    Our cleaning centers utilize the patented Hydro-Clamp for holding and manipulating investment cast trees and the air-assisted safety lance for tracking the entire length of the casting.

    Manufacturing and inventing new devices and technologies for increasing productivity, safety, ergonomics and environment for the investment casting industry.

    We can create custom engineered solutions to meet your needs. Call us at (651) 203-1600 or request more information about our engineered solutions.