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Systems and Components for Foundries

Triplex Systems, Inc., focus is on manufacturing and inventing new devices and technologies for increasing productivity, safety, ergonomics and environment for our investment casting customers. Our Standard Product Line covers the entire range of investment casting sizes.

High Pressure Pump, Filter and Tank Unit

Triplex Systems, Inc. High Pressure Pump Units are designed to operate continuously and are sized to the cleaning application.

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Triplex Automatic 4-Stage Sump Assembly

Triplex Automatic 4-Stage Sump Assemblies are designed to allow suspended solids time to settle, prior to discharge to customers drain or to Triplex Systems, Inc. Water Reuse System.

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Triplex Systems, Inc. Drag Conveyors

Triplex Systems, Inc. Heavy Duty, Zero Leakage Drag Conveyors are designed to handle two process waste streams. The solid waste is dispensed into a container and the process water is drained by gravity from the Drag Conveyor.

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Bulk Dispensing Hopper

The Triplex Bulk Dispensing Hopper is built for bulk material handling of dry raw materials such as: sands, abrasive media, ceramic investment material or materials.

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