About Triplex Systems

Founded in 1984 in St. Paul, MN

Triplex Systems was founded in 1984 by Joseph J. Tebbe, it’s CEO and President. From the beginning, Triplex saw a niche in the industry to provide innovative solutions for solving industrial pumping applications for our customers.

Our Approach

The Triplex approach is to provide complete pumping systems for many industries. Triplex has provided unique solutions for atomizing fluids from vegetable oils to thick glues, chemical metering systems, fluid filtration systems, high-pressure machine tool coolant systems, and high-pressure parts cleaning systems. Of all these industrial markets, Triplex Systems, Inc., decided to focus most of it’s engineering efforts on the investment casting foundry industry, specifically to clean and cut metal investment castings.

Our Principles

Triplex Systems, Inc.'s founding principles and trademark are “Waterblasting Technology for Improving Productivity, Ergonomics, Safety, and Environment and & Precision Cleaning”. Technology is still our primary focus. In recent years, we have also added our “Gator” Abrasive Wheel Cut-Off Machine to product line as complimentary equipment, the next step after cleaning is cut-off operations. Over the years, Triplex Systems has received four US patents for our innovative products, two US patents for our clamping systems for water blast cleaning and cut-off operations, one US patent for our remotely operated abrasive wheel cut-off machine and one US patent for our automatic casting cleaning center utilizing “ Random Automatic Nozzle Movement” for rapidly cleaning investment castings.

Continuing in Excellence

Today, we are the premier manufacturer of High-Pressure Waterjet Casting Cleaning Centers and Remotely Operated Abrasive Wheel Cut-Off Saws in the investment casting industry. Customers at home in the US and abroad are realizing every day the benefits of our equipment to their investment casting operations. Twenty-four years of experience in this narrowly focused industry has given us as a company the opportunity to have a positive impact on our customers' bottom line, by strictly adhering to our original founding principles, “Improving Productivity, Ergonomics, Safety, and Environment.” To reflect on our equipment quality, we are still providing replacement parts to the first machine we produced using our Patented Hydro-Clamp Technology. We look forward to offering you proven, time-tested solutions for your casting cleaning and cut-off needs.