Waterjet Casting Cleaning Basics 1.0


The Waterjet Cleaning Nozzle

In waterjet casting cleaning, the customer relies on getting high pressure water to the investment casting surface to be cleaned. The little nozzle on the end of your cleaning lance is where the pressure is generated. The type of orifice and the size of the orifice in the nozzle determine the service life and the pressure generated by the nozzle. Not all nozzles are created equal. Typically, a zero-degree nozzle is used in cleaning investment castings. The zero-degree nozzle focuses all the energy into a single stream of intense cleaning energy. To illustrate the intensity of a 75 horsepower High Pressure Pump capable of 15,000 PSI; using one zero-degree nozzle, sized to generate 15,000 PSI, can deliver 75 hp of focused cleaning energy to the casting being cleaned. That is a lot of energy going through the nozzle’s orifice at the end of the waterjetting lance. It is very important to use a high quality waterjet cleaning nozzle.

Sapphire Nozzles

Triplex Systems, Inc. has been using Waterjet Cleaning Nozzles with sapphire orifices, for the past 30 years. Sapphire nozzles offer longer service life and higher quality waterjets compared to carbide, ceramic, and hardened stainless steel nozzles. Sapphire jewel orifices are the next hardest material on the Mohs scale to diamonds. Sapphire nozzles hold and maintain high pressure and waterjet quality, up until the moment of failure. Carbide, ceramic, and stainless nozzles start to wear as soon as they are put in service, losing pressure and the quality of the waterjet as they wear. Sapphire nozzles can last 5 to 10X longer than the other nozzles.

The Triplex Systems Advantage

High Pressure Pump Units are very expensive high-pressure water generating machines. So why would you put a lower quality nozzle on your high-performance machine? Triplex Systems has proven over many years of experience that the sapphire nozzle is the key to unleashing the energy created by your high pressure pump unit. Triplex Systems uses the sapphire waterjet nozzle exclusively, as a tool.

3-Part-Nozzle-Exploded-view 3-Part sapphire nozzle assembly with replaceable sapphire orifice cone

Contact Triplex Systems for a quote on our sapphire nozzles and provide us with your current orifice sizes.

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