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Precision Casting Cleaning® Centers

Triplex Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing High Pressure Water Jet Investment Casting Cleaning Centers since 1984. Our equipment is known worldwide as the benchmark for High Pressure Water Jet Casting Cleaning. Our equipment is used in investment casting foundries, including aerospace, defense, IGT, commercial, and medical implant foundries.

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With fast cycle times and safety in mind, our cleaning centers also allow additional modules to be added for water reuse and filtration.


  • Removes up to 90-100% of Investment.
  • No damage to metal surfaces.
  • Eliminates shot blasting for shell removal.
  • No stress cracking.
  • Eliminates sand blasting for shell removal.
  • No damage to delicate edges.
  • Eliminates airborne silica dust.
  • Reduces or eliminates chemical leaching.
  • Reduces operator fatigue and body stress.
  • Eliminates mechanical knock-out.
  • Can be used on all cast metallurgies.

Triplex Systems, Inc., is focused on manufacturing and inventing new devices and technologies for increasing productivity, safety, ergonomics and environment for our investment casting customers. Our Standard Product Line covers the entire range of investment casting sizes for ceramic shell removal and cleaning.

All Standard Automatic "Precision Cleaning®" Centers feature our patented, Random Automatic Nozzle Movement and our patented Hydro-Clamp Technology.

All Standard Manual "Precision Cleaning®" Centers feature our patented Hydro-Clamp, electronic joystick controls and air-assisted safety lance for 5 axis Water Jet Casting Cleaning.

The patented Hydro-Clamp is designed to capture the pouring cup remnant of investment cast tree or sprues. The Hydro-Clamp can also clamp casting holding fixtures if there is no pouring cup remnant and the Hydro-Clamp also fixtures work holding tools for secondary cleaning operations. The compact rotary design of the Hydro-Clamp was designed specifically for investment cast trees and is the most universal and powerful clamping method for investment cast trees. The Hydro-Clamp has also been designed for a clamping speed of 1-2 seconds and for continuous duty in hostile environments.

Triplex Systems, Inc. innovations and expertise in the use of High Pressure Water Jet Technology has advanced casting cleaning to the degree of reliability that is second to none for shell the removal process.