G30 Abrasive Wheel Cut-Off Machine

The G30 with Hydro-Clamp technology mimics the motions required to cut castings. Axis 1 the Hydro-Clamp assembly rotates manually 360 degrees, clockwise or counterclockwise. Axis 2 the Hydro-Clamp assembly pivots 180 degrees to the left or right. Axis 3 the abrasive wheel arbor raises and lowers for wheel height adjustment. Axis 4 the Hydro-Clamp upper carriage moves left and right. Axis 5 the Hydro-Clamp lower carriage moves in and out.


• Patented Cut-Off Technology.
• Patented Hydro-Clamp Technology.
• Easy Hydro-Clamp Tool Interchangeability.
• Five Axis Movement.
• Inline, Perpendicular, and Diagonal Cutting.
• Joystick Control.
• Laser Guide Line.
• Traveling Spark Chute Catches Parts.
• Safety Machine Guards and Machine Labeling.
• Steady Rest for Aligning tree for Cut-Off.


• Hands-Free Cut-Off.
• Operator is out of Harms Way.
• Precision Gate Removal.
• Safe Cutting of Castings.
• Ergonomic Methods.
• Reduces Mental Fatigue.
• Reduces Repetitive Movement.
• Reduces Scrap Parts.
• Improves Abrasive Wheel Life.
• Increases Productivity.